Half Day Preschool 7am-12pm

Each child has one on one time with a loving care giver with opportunities to grow through movement, exploration, and language development. Your child will not miss out on essential early development education just because they are here for only a half day. We strive to provide excellence in the care giving for your child no matter how long there stay is with us. Half day preschool includes the classroom time portion of the day providing your child with the best early childhood education available in the Collegeville/King of Prussia area.

*Children entering K3-K4 must be potty trained.

Full Day preschool 7am-6pm

Each child has opportunities to develop language skills and to grow cognitively, physically, and socially and emotionally in a safe environment with caring adults. Activities directed by the care giver will include playing with developmentally appropriate toys, story time, art/craft time, and music time. Full day preschool include both our first rate early education opportunities and we will provide age-appropriate activities, crafts, and recreational time which meet the growth and development needs of your child.

*Children entering K3-K4 must be potty trained.